Back Office Support for Staffing Firms

Leveling up as a staffing firm requires a streamlined back office, minimal red tape, and ultimate flexibility.

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A Partner and a Safety Net

Our technology-driven back office solution provides you with the tools you need and puts a team of highly experienced professionals at your fingertips.


At Networkers Funding, we’ve got you covered at every step—even when unexpected challenges are thrown your way.

Here’s What Back Office Support Means for Your Staffing Company


A Safety Net for Climbing Great Heights


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Back Office Payroll Support

  • Dedicated payroll professional
  • Multi-state payroll professional
  • Pay via direct deposit, pay card, or live checks
  • Employee Portal for accessing paystubs
  • Workers’ Compensation accrual, reporting, and support
  • ACA Reporting
  • Customizable checks

Back Office Billing

  • Invoices are customized with your company name and logo
  • Invoices are delivered via email, fax, or USPS
  • Customized billing options at client request

Accounts Receivable Management

  • Payments via credit card, check, and ACH
  • Real-time, online agings
  • Experienced accounts receivable staff
  • No waiting for checks to clear to receive profits
  • Customized billing options at client request

Credit and Collections

  • Free Dun & Bradstreet credit run on prospective clients
  • Collection assistance performed on your behalf
  • Ability to reprint and resend invoices

Taxes and Withholdings

  • Withhold and remit payroll taxes and filings
  • Withhold and remit child support & garnishment payments
  • Withhold and remit workers compensation accrual, reporting and support
  • W2 and 1099 processing

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Back office is our bread and butter—but that’s not all we do.

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