Payroll Funding for Staffing Firms

Our number one goal is getting you and your staff paid no matter what.

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No Pockets Left Behind

You’re looking to grow, scale up, and service higher-volume clients. That often requires greater cashflow than you have access to.


With Networkers Funding, you get the power of unlimited payroll funding for your staffing company.

Here’s What Payroll Funding Means
for Your Staffing Firm


Peace of Mind on Pay Day


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Payroll Funding

  • Direct invoicing to your clients on behalf of your company
  • Invoices funded within 24 hours of payroll check date
  • Profits paid weekly with no hold times for checks to clear
  • Accounts receivable management tools
  • Credit and collection assistance
  • Payments received electronically or directly to our lockbox
  • No minimum weekly fees
  • No loan origination fees
  • Free application process with no hidden costs

Your Partner for Success, Stability, and Growth

We bend over backwards to get your
people paid—but that’s not all we do.


Our full-service solution also includes the following:

Staffing Software

Say hello to seamless technology that plays to your strengths and success.

Back Office

Outsource your busy work and eliminate the stress of maintaining your back office.

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We can’t wait to see your success become a reality.



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