Implementing Employee Recognition Programs with Employee Feedback

11 / 2022 | Employee Relations


Using “Languages of Appreciation” To Implement Employee Recognition Programs   In our last post, we saw research that revealed how important employee recognition is in the current job market with statistics on preferred types of recognition. Now that we know it’s important, you might be thinking “What next?” or “Where do I even begin?”. There […]


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New Research Shows the Importance of Employee Recognition

11 / 2022 | Employee Relations


Employee Recognition is a Win-Win We all know that the words “thank you” are significant. It’s one of the first polite expressions that many children learn, there are songs dedicated to expressing thanks, and we even have a holiday that encourages people to reflect on what they are thankful for. Now, new research from Eagle […]


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Minimum Wage Changes Coming in 2023

09 / 2022 | Wage and Hour


Being an employer has never been so complex. With rapidly changing tax laws, state-mandated benefits, and changes in wage and hour laws, there is a lot to keep track of to stay compliant. Minimum wage is a hot topic and many states are making changes to their minimum wage laws beginning in 2023.  Here is […]


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We are excited to unveil our new logo!

12 / 2021 | Uncategorized


We are happy to announce the launch of our new logo! Our company has evolved so much since its inception in 2000, and we wanted our logo to reflect who we are today, our core values, and what we want to bring to the future.


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