Mark Martinez

  • Information Technology Director
Mark Martinez headshot

How Our Clients Describe Mark:

  • Smart

  • Resourceful

  • Geeky*

Mark’s Bio

Mark has been working in information systems related to the staffing industry for more than 20 years. His first job out of college was at a national staffing company, where he did training and seminars on how to use the Internet—back when it was first gaining acceptance—in recruiting efforts.


Mark’s passion relates to automating and streamlining processes through the use of technology. He has a variety of strengths, from hardware and networking to new product design and development.


Mark is spearheading our new software project, which will update and further integrate the staffing process with our billing and payroll services. Clients and internal staff alike are eagerly awaiting its rollout. When not at work, Mark is a full-fledged magician. If you ever have the opportunity to see him perform a magic trick, he will convince you that magic is a reality.


*said in the most loving way!

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