Back Office Support
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Back Office Solutions for Staffing Companies

Networkers Funding is committed to your back office needs. We have a team of experienced and well trained professionals dedicated to your payroll, billing, tax filings, and more. Our flexibility, streamlined and efficient software, and excellent customer service eliminate the stresses of maintaining your back office.


  • Dedicated payroll professional
  • Multistate payroll processing
  • Pay via direct deposit, pay card, or live checks
  • Employee Portal for retrieving paystubs
  • Workers’ compensation accrual, reporting and support
  • ACA Reporting
  • Customizable checks


  • Invoices are customized with your name and logo.
  • Invoices are delivered via email, fax, or USPS.
  • Customized billing options at client request.

Accounts Receivable Management

  • Credit card, check, and ACH payments are accepted.
  • Real-time, online agings.
  • Experienced Accounts Receivable staff that handles incoming payments.
  • You don’t have to wait for checks to clear before you get your profits.
  • Customized billing options at client request.

Credit and Collections

  • Free Dun & Bradstreet credit run on your prospective clients.
  • Collection assistance performed on your behalf.
  • Ability to reprint and resend invoices.

Taxes and Withholdings

  • Withhold and remit payroll taxes and filings
  • Withhold and remit child support & garnishment payments
  • Withhold and remit workers compensation accrual, reporting and support
  • W2 and I-9 processing

My favorite thing about partnering with Networkers Funding is the peace of mind I have day to day knowing I have full trust that my back office requirements are being professionally handled on behalf of my company. I don’t ever feel I have to check up on or second guess if taxes are being paid, invoices are going out promptly and correctly, and payroll is being processed on time.
Coyle - Staffing Company Owner TX

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